Four Tips For Saving Money On Your Business' Copier Costs

10 December 2015
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Having a copier in the office can make life much easier for your staff. They can instantly make copies of anything they need for your clients within seconds. Having a copier in the office can sometimes be quite expensive though. The following guide walks you through a few ways to save money on your business' copier costs.

Rent the Copier

There are some companies that specialize in copy machine rentals. They will bring the copy machine to your business, set it up for you, maintain it for you, and even come out to your business to do repairs as needed. This can save a lot of money over time when you consider the maintenance and repair costs you would have to pay if you owned the machine on your own.

Print in Black and White In

In many business environments, documentation does not need to be in color. Color ink is often more expensive than black ink and thus, printing in color can greatly increase your overall printing costs in a very short period of time. Have your staff only print in black and white as often as possible. You can also have the technician from the copier company set the ink to grayscale so that the black ink does not print as darkly as it would if it were not in grayscale. This will make the black ink last longer too.

Print on the Front and Back of Paper

If your business deals with a lot of contracts or information packets for your clients, consider printing the information on both sides of the paper. Since all of the information will need to be kept together, it will make storage easier and cut down on the amount of paper that you need to buy for copying.

Make the Copier for Business Use Only

Be sure to set boundaries on how the copier can be used. You do not want employees to use the copier for printing copies of flyers for a bake sale or yard sale. Let your staff know that the copier is for business use only to cut down on frivolous use of the copier.

If you follow these tips, you should see a decrease in your copier expenses. It is best to post signs next to the copier that indicate that everyone should print on both sides of paper when they can and that the printer is for company use only so that all of your staff can be reminded of the rules before they use the copier.  

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