3 Ways To Decorate The Chairs During Your Wedding Ceremony

24 August 2015
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Don't overlook your chairs when you plan how to decorate for your wedding ceremony. Your chairs are going to be one of the biggest elements at your wedding; make sure you don't overlook them. Here are a few stylish ways you can decorate your chairs and add a little splash of color to your ceremony:

Decorative Throw Pillows

These decorating ideas works best for a smaller wedding where you will not have too many chairs out. In order to make your chairs more comfortable while also making them more stylish and colorful, purchase some throw pillows to be used as either back cushions or butt cushions or both.

You can place two pillows on each chair – one for the bottom and one for the back. Or, you can place one pillow on each chair and let your guest decide how to use them. Try to stick to two or three colors – you want to add some color to your ceremony locations but you don't want to overwhelm the area.

If you feel like your chairs need a little something extra, purchase some ribbon and tie it around the tops of chairs in a bow.


If you want your wedding ceremony location to be really colorful, you can tie streamers onto the backs of your chairs. Streamers can add a touch of color and movement to your ceremony. You can use tissue streamers; however, these tend to tear easily and don't hold up well to water. Instead, use scraps of fabric or ribbon to create your chair streamers. You will be able to choose from more vibrant colors and patterns when you choose this streamer option.

Pearls & Ribbons

If you want your ceremony to have a more elegant feeling, you can go the pearls and ribbon route. You will want to purchase long strands of fake pearls for the back of the chairs. You can loop the pearls and hang them between the two sides of the chair. The pearls should hang down and arch like they would if someone was wearing them.

To top of this classy chair decoration, tie ribbons to each side of the chair in your wedding colors. This is a great way to add a splash of color and elegance at the same time to your wedding chairs.

If you feel like your ceremony location needs a little extra splash of color and design, take advantage of all the decorating space that your guest's chairs provides you with. Use ribbons, fabric, pillows or pearls to add a little something extra to your ceremony location.

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