How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Using A Self-Storage Unit

26 March 2015
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You may think only people storing boxes and old furniture can make use a self-storage unit, but they actually have many great benefits for businesses. If you are running a small business, you should consider renting a storage unit. They are affordable and many of them include advanced features like extra security and climate control. Here are some different ways your business can benefit by using a self-storage unit.

It Provides Temporary Storage

In some ways, your business will only need the storage unit for a short period of time. For example, if you are relocating your business, you may need to store some of your office furniture or electronic equipment temporarily until the new location is set up. There are some times when the new location is not quite ready, but you need to be out of your old location. Similar to this benefit is when you are downsizing or remodeling your current location. You can store items while remodeling, then easily retrieve them.

You Can Store Seasonal Items

If you ever use seasonal items in your business for things like holiday decorating and party planning, you can store those items in your storage unit. Since you are a small business, you might not have ample storage space in your office building. You can find a self-storage facility nearby and store items like holiday decorations and patio furniture that are used for special events. You might also have marketing materials only used during certain times of the year, such as for an annual summer clearance celebration that can be stored.

It Provides Additional Document Storage

Some businesses have a lot of documents that need to be stored, but don't have the proper storage space on-site. If this is true of your business, you will find a self-storage unit very useful. You can take the older documents and store them in the self-storage unit, then keep the more recent documents in your office. On a routine basis, go through your office's storage boxes or file cabinets to start moving more documents to your storage unit. Another benefit of this is that the storage unit provides excellent security for your confidential and private documents.

Make sure when you select a self-storage unit, it has proper climate control to keep your items from being damaged from hot or cold temperatures. Keep all electronics in safe packaging, and never place them directly on the floor of the unit. If you can pack documents and paperwork in plastic bins as opposed to cardboard boxes, that will help keep the pests out. Talk with a storage facility, like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc, to see what unit would work best for you.