8 Reasons To Choose Custom Laser Engraving For Your Wedding Band Messages

11 December 2014
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Most couples who are about to walk down the aisle follow the tradition of having their wedding rings custom engraved with special sayings specific to their unique romance. Until recently, trained jewelers performed engraving tasks using professional etching techniques, but many are now beginning to offer laser engraving as well. Laser engraving greatly increases the engraving options available to modern couples.

Following are eight benefits of asking your jeweler to engrave your wedding bands using laser technology:

1. It's Safe For All Metals

Most wedding bands are made from soft gold, but as trends continue to evolve, alternative materials such as extremely hard tungsten are increasingly used. Laser engraving works well on all types of metal, but is particularly effective on hard metals such as tungsten, titanium, and steel.

2. It's Easier to Read

Because the words are literally burned onto the surface of the rings, they're darker than if they'd been traditionally etched and are therefore easier to read. Laser technology can also be used to place serial numbers on the rings, making identification easier in the event that they become lost or stolen.

3. It Can Be Used to Create Images

Laser engraving technology can be used to create images, as well as words, providing couples with even more options concerning how to personalize their engraved messages. Many couples are selecting meaningful imagery and designs to include on their rings.

4. It Can Create Any Font Imaginable

Traditional etching methodology is somewhat limited concerning fonts, but laser engraving technology can literally create any font that anyone can possibly dream up.

5. It's Mistake-Proof

Laser engraving software allows jewelers to experiment with fonts and designs at no risk to the actual item. The imagery and lettering can be fine-tuned in the software program until it's ready to be replicated on the ring.

6. It's Environmentally Friendly

Lasers provide clean, chemical-free technology that leaves no residue behind.

7. It Lasts Longer

The extremely precise detailing provided by laser technology means that the engravings last far longer than those made using traditional methods.

8. Engravings Can Be Made at Extremely Precise Depths

Engraving depths can be calibrated exactly using laser engraving software, removing virtually any chance that the text and imagery becomes too deeply embedded or is too shallow.

Today's consumers are showing a marked preference for extremely personalized wedding band messages, and from unique, custom designed imagery to endless options in fonts, laser technology is making that possible. To learn more, contact a company like Apogee Signs for help.