The Best Energy-Efficiency Features For Modern Air Conditioners

9 December 2014
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If you have decided that you would like to make your home more energy-efficient, you should focus on your air conditioner first. This is the unit of your home that plays the largest role in how much energy your home will be using overall. There are certain features you should look for when selecting the AC unit.

Variable Speed

Whether or not the air conditioner has variable speed plays a role in how energy-efficient your air conditioning unit is. By having variable speeds, the AC unit will operate at a lower level when your home is not as hot and will operate at a higher level as the temperature rises.

A Modern Air Handler

The air handler should be designed for new ventilation systems. The newer ventilation systems are designed for airtight homes that are able to prevent heat from leaking into or out of the home.

Thermal Expansion Valves

Thermal expansion valves are necessary if the HVAC system will operate at very high temperatures. The valve controls the flow of a refrigerant to the evaporator. This prevents superheating.

Fan Mode

Late at night, you might not need air conditioning on its own, but might simply need nighttime ventilation. Make sure the HVAC system you are using comes with a fan mode.

Automatic Delay Switches

Automatic delay switches turn the fan off a short while after the compressor turns off. This allows for the air to continue to circulate until the compressor has shut off completely.


While some of the refrigerants are bad for the environment, the R410A is believed by scientists to have no ozone depletion potential. This refrigerant is also simply more efficient because it is able to absorb greater amounts of heat. Using this refrigerant means that the equipment can be smaller. It also allows for higher pressure, which allows for greater performance.

Smart Detection Technology

If you find it difficult to maintain your AC system, it will not function as efficiently. Fortunately, there are some air conditioning units that are able to detect when filters need to be changed and can also display errors that might be contributing to a less efficient AC system. Filter indication lights make it easier to know when the filter must be changed.

Inverter Zoning Systems

Get an AC unit that has an inverter zoning system. This is a system that only provides heating and cooling as necessary. Sensors determine which zones are being used and condition them. The other zones are ignored, which helps save energy. These features are usually displayed clearly in marketing materials. But if they are not, make sure that they are included in the system you select. Talk to a professional like Universal Refrigeration for more information.