Six Things You Should Know When You're On The Market For The Right Propane Tank

2 December 2021
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It's important to carefully research options when choosing a propane tank. The following are six things you should know when you're in the market for the right propane tank. 

You need to put careful thought into tank size.

One of the most important decisions you'll make when you acquire a propane tank is what size tank you need for your operation.

Your propane tank dealer can gauge consumption at your facility and make some helpful recommendations. However, you'll need to provide detailed data on projected propane consumption to get the best possible recommendation for your needs. 

Another key decision is whether to place your tank above or below ground.

Both above-ground and below-ground propane tanks are available. Below-ground tanks offer the benefit of optimizing space on your property. However, above-ground tanks can often stand up to more severe weather conditions. Above-ground tanks are also generally easier to install and maintain. 

You need to decide whether you want a horizontal or vertical cylinder tank.

You'll have to choose a horizontal or vertical tank design. If your tank is going below ground, you'll want a horizontal tank. Vertical tanks can help optimize space above ground, so they could be the best option if you want to save space but don't want an underground tank. 

You need to discuss installation costs and procedures with your propane tank dealer.

Installation and delivery will be added costs you'll need to cover to acquire your propane tank. Make sure you don't make a decision on getting a particular tank without first factoring installation and delivery costs into the equation. Installation costs can be high, particularly when it comes to underground tanks. 

You should decide between owning and leasing a tank.

Propane tanks are available both for purchase and for lease. You might find that a lease agreement is better for your needs. Be sure to discuss leasing and purchasing options with your propane tank dealer. You should also make financial projections to determine which option is best for your budget.

It's a good idea to discuss maintenance needs with your propane tank dealer.

Propane tanks need to be maintained to stay in the best possible condition over time. Tanks need to be inspected and cleaned to address issues such as corrosion, leaks, and soot accumulation.

You should discuss maintenance needs and procedures with your dealer before deciding on a particular tank model. For more information, check out this website or similar sites.