Why You Should Buy A Membership To A Golf Club That Has Multiple Courses

17 December 2020
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Many golf clubs feature a single 18-hole course that provides members with countless hours of fun and challenges throughout the year. If you're getting serious about playing golf and are thinking about buying a membership, a club with one course can be a good choice. Alternatively, you might wish to look for a club in your area that has multiple courses. Lots of golf clubs operate two 18-hole courses on the same property, while some have one 18-hole course and one 9-hole course. Here are some reasons that it's a good idea to obtain a membership at a club that has multiple courses.

You'll Have More Options

While you can play golf at a single course for years on end and still have fun, many golfers enjoy the challenge of playing at different courses. Those who choose not to buy memberships will play at a different course in the area each week, for example. If you enjoy having multiple options about which courses you'll play, a membership at a club that has two or more courses can be a good idea. Often, these courses will be drastically different — one might be longer, while another might have more water hazards. When you're thinking about playing, you can decide which course suits your mood that day and proceed accordingly.

It May Be Easier To Get Tee Times

Sometimes, tournaments will take place at golf courses that may make it difficult to get a tee time. If your membership gives you access to two different courses, however, you won't have this challenge. For example, if there's a youth golf tournament that is scheduled for one of the courses, you can simply arrange a tee time at the other course — rather than perhaps having to wait to play a day after the tournament ends.

You'll Meet More People

Golf clubs that have two courses will generally have more players visiting on any given day than clubs that have just a single course. If you're a sociable person who enjoys meeting fellow players around the tee boxes, in the clubhouse, and even at the on-site restaurant, the idea of a place where there are lots of golfers can be appealing. Perhaps you're always on the lookout for people with whom you can play. If so, an environment that more players frequent will always be a good choice. Browse online to learn more about golf club memberships.