Subscription Boxes Are All About the Experience

15 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


From clothing and wine to beauty products and something for Fido or Fifi, there's a subscription box for that. Every month, eager housewives or their well-dressed men look forward to the delivery of their box of upscale ties or socks, samples that promise to bring out a mom's hidden beauty, or a box of toys that will keep a toddler satisfied until next month's delivery.

Subscription-Box Delivery

In case you haven't noticed, the subscription-box business is booming. Not only does this business model deliver a surprise package of assorted personalized products and samples, it's an effective way for companies to introduce new products, build their brand, and acquire new customers. But subscription boxes don't simply provide a bundle of customized products; they also provide a customized experience. And the package plays an important role in that experience.

It's All in the Package

For this repeat-delivery business model, an appealing package can enhance the surprise, anticipation, and satisfaction of the products it contains. This can be a compelling reason for subscribers to renew. That's why simply not considering packaging costs can cost you in the long term. You need to also consider what message, feeling, or experience you want to convey or inspire with your box design.

Things to Consider

If you're designing a package for your new subscription-box business or redesigning your current packaging, here are a few guidelines for creating the perfect package.

1. Create a box design that heightens anticipation and makes the recipient feel like they are receiving a valuable gift. A small clear window that gives a tease of the box's contents can increase excitement.

2. Make sure the box reflects not just your brand but also the message you want to convey. For example, for jewelry, you'll want a glitzy package that conveys opulence and glamour; for chocolate or wine, something soothing and indulgent. If your market is geared toward an eco-conscious audience, you might opt for a recyclable plain cardboard box that sends an earth-friendly, cost-friendly message. Sending out toys? Use packages that are fun and whimsical and perhaps will even bring a smile before the contents are revealed. Is your target audience seniors? Make sure the package is easy to open.

3. Don't skimp on safety and security. Use packaging that will protect fragile items or prevent food spoilage.

4. Determine the most cost-effective packaging that will meet your needs. Make sure expensive packaging technologies are truly necessary for your products and that extra features serve a real purpose.

Whether the subscription-box model will continue its massive growth or fade away as quickly as it appeared is difficult to predict. But for now, it's going strong. If you're thinking of jumping on the bandwagon, don't forget about the box and packing supplies you ship your items with. After all, it's all part of the experience.