Super Market Sweep: Why Marketers Should Buy Failing Businesses

26 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you want to diversify your portfolio in a way that could bring you greater success, you may consider acquiring businesses. Buying a business will be quite different from investing in stocks and mutual funds. Even if you do not own the totality of the business, but are in a partnership, there will still be plenty of work that you need to put into the company. If you are a marketer, it can be a good idea to for you to acquire a business that is having issues with running and is interested in a fire sale. Here are some reasons why marketers should buy failing businesses to add to their portfolio. 

Re-imagining the company is easier

For the person who first opens the business, there is often a vision already there that they do not want to stray from. When you first think up and plan a business, you often want to make your dream work out. For marketers, there is unlimited potential in the way to market and change a business in order to make it profitable. Business marketers are able to use their imagination to figure out how to make a business work in any type of economy so that it can work itself into the black instead of the red. 

Objectivity is possible and nets a great deal

As a marketer, you may be better able to focus on just how much the business is worth and how much it will take to get back on the market. This gives marketers the objectivity required to make a good deal on a business, rather than overbidding or overspending. Many times during mergers and acquisitions overspending and bad deals can tank the new merger before it even happens. As a marketer, you will be able to use your tools to price similar businesses and bid with an objectivity necessary for good business. 

The hard work is in the marketing

Many businesses fail because they are not properly marketed. As a marketer, you are aware of how to develop projections for the business as well as backup plans if the marketing is not working for the current business climate. Being willing and capable of putting in the hard work means that you have a better chance at turning around a failing business and gaining major dividends on your acquisition in the long run. 

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