Tips For Storing Your Business's Shipping Containers

5 August 2016
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Delivering your company's products to your customers will require you to invest in speciality mailing containers that will be able to protect your products while they are in the mail. Unfortunately, there are some enterprise owners and leaders that may not understand the steps needed for properly storing these containers until they are needed. If this applies to you, learning the following tips may help you to avoid these containers developing damages.

Keep The Containers Elevated

When you are placing these containers in your storage room, it can be tempting to simply place them on the ground. However, this can make the more likely to suffer moisture damage. If a leak in the roof or a nearby pipe were to develop, the floor could flood, which would ruin anything that is directly on it. By placing your shipping tubes and boxes several inches above the ground, you can help to prevent this type of damage from forcing you to replace most of your storage containers.

Prevent The Humidity From Getting Too High

In addition to leaks, humidity can be another source of water damage to your storage containers. When the humidity is able to get extremely high, it is possible for condensation to form on these containers. When this occurs, you may find that your containers will start to grow mold, rot or develop discolorations. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple issue for you to avoid because you can opt to place a dehumidifier in the room with these boxes. This device will remove the excess moisture from the air before it is able to form condensation. Depending on the design of your storage room, it may lack a power outlet for the dehumidifier. When this is the case, you may want to opt for silica gel packets as these devices will be able to also remove excess moisture from the air, but they will need to be replaced every few months to continue functioning.

Appreciate The Steps For Keeping Pests From Damaging These Containers

Pests can be attracted to storage rooms because they may attempt to build nests in the shipping tubes and boxes or they may shred these containers in order to get materials for their nests. Not surprisingly, this can prove to be an expensive problem for your business to encounter as it can force you to continually reorder shipping supplies. You can help to avoid this problem by having the storage room treated for pests and sealing any cracks or holes that are in the walls. These simple steps will be able to drastically reduce the odds of your shipping materials encountering this type of damage.

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