4 Signs That Your Elevator Needs To Be Modernized

16 June 2016
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If there is an elevator in your building, depending on the age of the structure, the elevator may be quite old. It is best to modernize the device to ensure the safety of the occupants and to minimize repair costs. Still, you may not recognize the signs that your elevator requires modernization. Here are a few indicators that your elevator needs to be upgraded with newer components and system advances:

Multiple Shutdowns in the Same Month

If an elevator breaks down multiple times within the same month, it should be inspected, and worn out components should be replaced. If modernization is not completed, the elevator may continue to break down repeatedly as other components start to fail.

Each time the elevator shuts down with passengers inside, there is a safety issue. People who have panic attacks when remaining in enclosed areas for prolonged periods may suffer an episode. In addition, passengers who require the frequent application of medication may not be able to receive the medicine that they need in a timely manner. Also, if a medical emergency occurs on the elevator, it can be difficult for emergency personnel to reach the enclosed occupants.

Bumpy or Jerky Rides

Problems with pulleys and other elevator components can cause ride on the device not to be as smooth as it should be. As an elevator moves between floors, it should flow smoothly to the desired level and come to a gentle stop. Bumpy rides can indicate a problem with the pulley system and may even be a severe safety hazard, as passengers are bounced about the compartment. Even if an elevator has recently been inspected, if the ride becomes bumpy, the unit should be reassessed.

Repeatedly Needing the Same Repairs

If a component of the elevator system continues to break down repeatedly, it may be time to modernize the unit. The cost of repeatedly repairing the same components can become expensive. In addition, a failing component can start to affect other parts of the elevator system.

Elevator Buttons That Are Not Wheelchair-accessible

Older elevators may have control buttons that are too high for a person in a wheelchair to reach. To ensure that disabled people are able to operate the elevator in your building easily, modernization should be performed.

If your elevator has not been functioning as it should or has outdated components, contact an elevator repair specialist, like one from Catholic Elevator Company, for a full assessment of the unit.