Follow These Steps To Avoid Motion Sickness On Your Helicopter Charter

27 May 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


When it comes to getting from one location to another quickly, easily, and in style, hiring a helicopter charter is a logical choice. Whether you're trying to impress prospective business clients or simply giving your family a unique way of traveling while on vacation, chartering a helicopter is sure to leave a lasting impression. If you haven't previously flown in a helicopter and you've had a tendency to experience motion sickness on boats or even in the back of a vehicle, it's important that you take steps to reduce the likelihood of feeling ill. While a smooth pilot can lessen the risk of motion sickness for the passengers, it never hurts to take these precautions, too.

Eat Lightly Beforehand

If you're flying in the morning, don't overdo it at breakfast time; for an afternoon flight, opt for a light lunch. Generally, foods that can upset your stomach, including those that are excessively greasy, acidic or spicy, are best to avoid before you board the helicopter.

Pick A Forward-Facing Seat

All the seats on many helicopter charters face forward, but you might occasionally find a helicopter with some seats that face backward, too. If you're presented with this choice, try to secure a seat that faces forward. Facing backward while traveling can often aggravate your inner ear and lead to motion sickness; your system gets confused because it feels that it's moving in one direction but you're facing the opposite direction.

Look Off Into The Distance

If you find yourself in a position to look out the window of the helicopter, you'll want to focus your gaze as far away as possible. One general rule is to look at the horizon. Conversely, if you look at the sights closer to the helicopter, the movements that the helicopter is making will be more apparent, which could possibly lead to motion sickness.

Get Some Fresh Air

Just as it's important to position yourself so that you're facing forward, you should also try to sit in an area close to an air vent. Ask the pilot for clarification in advance, if necessary, and make sure that the vent is blasting cool air on you. This simple feeling can often be enough to keep motion sickness at bay.

Take Some Medication

Anti-motion sickness medication can occasionally make you drowsy, but if you're determined to avoid feeling ill on your helicopter charter, seek this medication at your local pharmacy. Follow the dosage instructions on the package and take the medication in advance of your helicopter trip.