Physical Vs Electronic Locks

11 March 2016
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If your lock starts to act up, it is likely that you may need a new lock. But what type of lock should you get? There are many different types of locks that are available to you. Read on to find out more.

Locks with physical keys

These are the locks that you want if you need to have physical keys with you to feel secure. There are several different types of locks with physical keys.

First, there are warded locks, which use a set of obstructions that will stop the lock from opening unless the right key has been inserted. The key, similarly, has notches that correspond to the obstructions that are actually in the lock, which allow it to rotate within the lock. These locks are used for low-security applications.

Next, there are pin tumbler locks, which instead of obstacles, have pins that prevent the lock from opening if you have the wrong key. This key type has a set of grooves on the sides that limit the type of lock it can slide into, and then there are a series of teeth on the top of the key that will determine whether or not it can open the lock. This type of lock is most commonly found on doors.

Locks with electronic keys            

Locks with electronic keys are for people who want a higher level of security than a keyed lock. Depending on the type of electronic key you have, you can also eliminate the need for a physical key. Confused? Read on.

A key-card lock is a type of lock that is connected to an electronic access system. This means that, instead of putting a physical key into a lock, you can brush your key-card up against an access pad that will read the credentials off the key-card and let you in. Each key-card has to be specifically programmed to work with the access pad. This makes it incredibly difficult to break into something, unless, of course, you have the key-card. 

A smart lock is a different thing altogether. These locks get 'instructions' on whether to lock or unlock something from an authorized device that uses a program and a wireless protocol. An example of this would be someone using their smartphone to open their front door. Smart locks are becoming more and more popular with residential units, as many people want something that is more convenient than carrying around a bunch of keys.

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