Three Reasons To Use White Glove Delivery Options

23 February 2016
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If you are trying to buy anything that needs to be assembled, like furniture, don't assume that you have to do all the work yourself. Many delivery services offer something called "white glove service," in which the delivery people unpack the item and take care of the assembly. This does cost more than having the delivery people leave the unopened package with you, but the service is worth the money. Here are three reasons why you should arrange for white glove service the next time you have something delivered to your home that needs to be assembled.

No Eyes Needed in the Back of Your Head

If you have small children or pets, trying to put together furniture means you can't keep an eye on the kids or pets. If you don't have anyone else who can watch them, then you risk something happening to them while you're working away on the item that needs to be assembled. Even worse, because these items often have small parts like bolts, there's the risk of the pets or children swallowing something. If you sign up for white glove service, you can keep an eye on the children or pets and ensure they stay safe while the delivery people work on the piece of furniture or other item that needs to be assembled.

Injuries Won't Stand in Your Way

Furniture that you assemble yourself is generally packed so that most people would be able to put it together. However, if you have a chronic health problem, like rheumatoid arthritis, or you are dealing with an injury, even the easiest self-assembly kit can be frustrating to work with. Signing up for white glove service means you no longer have to let these issues dictate one more aspect of your life. Instead of waiting until the injury is healed or until the health problem is not bothering you as much, you can let the delivery service do the work for you no matter how you feel that day.

When a Piece Is Missing or Already Damaged

One of the most important aspects of white glove service is that the delivery people take everything out of the box so you can see the items, or at least the pieces that make up the item. If a piece is missing or damaged, the delivery people can take it back without causing you any problems. If you were putting the item together yourself, and you found something missing, you'd have to pack everything up yourself, drag it back to the store or the delivery depot, and wait for the new item (or at the very least, wait for the missing item while a pile of pieces sat on your floor).

If you're about to have something delivered, arrange to have white glove service added to your order. You'll save so much time and frustration that the extra cost will seem like an excellent deal.

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