3 Ironing Tips For Embroidered T-Shirts

30 September 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you use embroidered T-shirts in your business, you might love the way that they look when compared to screen-printed T-shirts. However, you might have noticed that your embroidered T-shirts are starting to look a little bit wrinkled, and you could be worried about ironing them without causing damage to the embroidery. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can follow to effectively iron your embroidered T-shirts while keeping them looking great.

1. Turn Your Shirt Inside-Out

This is a good tip to follow when ironing a lot of things, but you should particularly remember it when ironing embroidered T-shirts. When you turn your embroidered T-shirts inside out before ironing them, you will have a smoother and flatter surface to work with. This can help prevent you from "dragging" your iron over the embroidery and potentially damaging it. Plus, if there is any color running from the T-shirt material to the embroidered thread, it won't be as obvious if the damage is on the inside of the shirt.

2. Place Cloth Over and Under the Embroidery

Take a scrap piece of cloth, such as a clean and dry washcloth, and place it underneath the embroidered surface that is going to be ironed. Then, place another piece on top. Then, you can iron away without worrying about damaging the embroidery. Just make sure that you choose a piece of cloth that won't cause any color bleeding, such as a white cloth. It may also take a little bit longer to properly iron the embroidery in this way, so take your time and consider applying a little more pressure with your iron than usual.

3. Keep it Dry

Even if you typically mist your clothing before ironing or use a steam iron, it's not a good idea to do so when ironing embroidered items. Doing so can cause the colors from the rest of the T-shirt to stain the embroidery, which can make it look old and dingy. Instead, make sure that your embroidered T-shirt is completely dry when you start ironing, and use a dry iron rather than a steam iron to get the job done.

Although you might love your embroidered T-shirts, they won't look their best if you don't keep them ironed. If you are worried about damaging them, you shouldn't be. Just follow these ironing tips, and give these tips to your employees so that they can follow them as well. Now that you know how to iron your T-shirt, if you're looking to get your own embroidered, visit Mountain Screen Impressions, Inc.