Tips For Buying An Affordable Grave Marker Or Headstone

10 September 2015
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While you may want a lovely memorial to mark a deceased loved one's grave, paying for it can sometimes be a problem. Grave markers and headstones can be expensive, but there are choices you can make to keep the cost down. Despite paying a lesser price, you can still get a beautiful and quality memorial marker.

How to Get a Grave Marker or Headstone For Less

  1. Select a small grave marker or headstone. Larger styles cost more money. A small, simple flat marker comes at a lower price. But even a slant marker will cost you more.

  2. Choose from a standard granite color such as gray. Although granite is available in a variety of colors, rare and specialty colors, including blues, reds, pinks, greens, oranges, and tans cost more. While a bronze marker or headstone is another durable and affordable choice, bronze costs more than granite.

  3. Order an upright headstone that has only the front and back sides polished. A monument with a polished top and side ends is more expensive.

  4. Minimize the lettering and simplify the design on the memorial. If you are paying per letter, the more inscription lines you want, the higher the cost. Engraving elaborate designs costs more as well.

  5. Consider an online monument dealer when shopping for a marker or headstone. The memorials that cemeteries and funeral homes sell generally are the most expensive. A local monument company or online companies, such as, that have less overhead often sell grave markers and headstones at a more affordable price.

  6. Purchase a pre-need memorial. Ordering your marker or headstone in advance can be a more affordable option, particularly considering that the cost of materials goes up over time.

  7. Contact the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. Inquire whether a deceased veteran qualifies for a free grave marker or headstone. Eligible veterans include veterans in unmarked graves or veterans who died on or after November 1, 1990 whose graves are marked with a private headstone or marker. The VA will supply a flat marker in granite, bronze, or marble or a headstone in granite or marble.

    You can have a grave marker or headstone provided by the government set in a national cemetery or a cemetery on a military base or post at no cost. You are responsible for paying the cost of having the headstone set in a private cemetery. A state veterans' cemetery may charge a small fee for setting the memorial.

Check With the Cemetery

Before buying any type of grave marker, headstone, or monument, check with the cemetery or churchyard to find out if there are restrictions on the size, color, material, and shape. This prevents having the cemetery refuse to allow the memorial to be set after you've purchased it.