Avoid Storage Theft: Safety Features To Look For

9 July 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you want to put valuable items like a vehicle, watercraft, furniture, seasonal yard equipment or other things in a storage unit, but you're worried about theft of vandalism, look for a safe unit. There are a lot of things that a storage facility can offer you to help you feel confident that your items are going to be protected while they are locked away.

Look at more than one facility to see different security features and protocol, and ask about the following options.

Video Surveillance

A facility that has around the clock video cameras taping all of the activity at the storage facility is ideal. If there is any suspicious activity around your unit, they should have it on tape. Warning signs telling burglars there is video surveillance may be enough for them to think twice about trying to break into a unit.

Gated Property Entrance

A facility with a fence around it is best, because the cameras will see if someone is climbing, and it's difficult for someone to get off the property with heavy items if they have to climb a fence. Is the entrance closed after dark? Find a provider that has a closed gate that you must have a key or code to get into after hours. This prevents wanderers from creeping around when the staff isn't there.

Cylinder Locks

A padlock can be cut open with bolt cutters. Facilities that use cylinder locks, automated key pad locks, or other electrical locks are more secure than those that use chains or hooks and padlocks. If they are small singular doors, they should have a dead bolt lock on them also.


Is there security monitoring the facility at any time? Some facilities have night guards that walk around the property, and it's worth paying more for the unit if they have this service. They may also have someone that sits at a front booth when you drive through during the day.

The self-storage company may require that you have your items insured. This may be covered in your homeowner's plan or renter's plan, but if not, consider the insurance they offer you. If you sign a contract for a set amount of months instead of paying monthly, you should be able to get a lower price on the unit. Compare prices and tour the facilities of professional storage companies, like I-70 Self Storage, in person to get the best deal with the best provider.