Storing Belongings Between Moving: Why You Should Consider A Self-Storage Unit

6 May 2015
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Do you need a temporary place to store your belongings until you can find a new home? The solution to your problem may lie within a self-storage rental, which can be purchased in a variety of sizes depending on your needs and budget. Find out below why a self-storage rental is perfect for your belongings and what the monthly fee will be.

Why Should a Self-storage Unit Be Considered?

You should consider a self-storage unit for your belongings because they can remain in it for as long as you need. Nothing will get damaged in the unit, even items that require storage within a certain temperature. For instance, you have the option of renting a unit that is climate controlled so you can keep the temperature at a level that works for your belongings. If you have wooden items, you won't have to worry about the wood getting damaged from moisture.

Another reason to consider self-storage is because you can keep your belongings organized. If you will be grabbing items like clothing and shoes out of the unit in between your move, organization can make it easier to do. You can rent a unit that is big enough to put portable clothing racks in. The unit will then become like your closet, which can be helpful if you are living with a friend who has a limited amount of space.

Keep in mind that you have the ability to put your own padlock on the storage unit for security. Depending on the storage facility that you choose, there will also be controlled access gates and security guards. Your belongings will be completely safe until you are ready to move them into your new home.

What is the Average Monthly Rental Cost for a Storage Unit?

A small 5x5 unit rental will cost an average of up to $50 per month, which can be helpful and affordable if you are only storing clothing and shoes. If you are storing other items, a larger unit will be more ideal. The average price for a 10x20 unit is $95 plus per month. However, you can spend as much as $180 per month if you want the 10x20 unit to be climate controlled. There are also storage unit rentals that are available in larger sizes. Make sure all of your belongings will be organized and safe by stopping by a storage facility to rent a unit. For more information, contact a professional such as those found at West Thunderbird Mini Storage.