A New Driver's Guide To Finding A Job As A CDL License Holder

6 April 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


Straight out of training or trucking school, in spite of the fact that you have training and your CDLs under your belt, you may find that many trucking companies will pass over your application for someone with more over-the-road experience. It can be difficult to not take this personally and can make you feel like you are never going to get your foot in the door to a reputable company. However, not every good driver starts with the most well-known trucking companies. There are several other places that you should look for employment as a CDL driver.

Temporary Employment Agencies

When you see job listings at local temp agencies, do not discredit them. You may be able to land a good job as a new CDL driver by stopping in. When trucking companies have a hard time filling up driving positions on their own, they will often hire an employment agency, such as Montu Staffing Solutions, to fill the jobs on their behalf. Getting hired on through an agency may mean  a temporary position, but will give you experience and could lead you to a full-time, long-term driving job at a reputable company.

Short-Run Trucking Companies

Most drivers actually prefer to get their week in over-the-road because these jobs typically pay more per mile than local runs. Therefore, as a new driver, you may be able to find a local run driving a big truck faster than the higher-paying positions. You may even decide that you like being home every night enough to stick with a local trucking job in spite of the lower rate of pay.

Local Delivery Businesses

It may not be your ideal job, and you may not even be driving an eighteen wheeler. However, professional driving of just about any kind will look good on your employment applications. Check with local package delivery companies, food service businesses, and even agriculture-related services. You may be able to find a driving job that will not only hold you over until the right one comes along, but also gives you valuable and credible driving experience on the road.

When you have put a lot of time and effort into obtaining your CDLs, it can be frustrating to not get a job right away. However, by looking in the right places, you can find jobs that will at least get you started in your new career as a driver. Remember, sometimes finding the desirable job is a journey, with several steps along the way.