A List Of Your Property To Always Move In Your Own Vehicle

17 February 2015
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Moving to a new home is high up on the list of the most stressful times in someone's life. Not only are you faced with adjusting to a new neighborhood, you are also facing changing many other aspects of your daily life. While many people look forward to moving into a newer, nicer home, the actual move is always exhausting and costly. However, do not let the cost of your next move include broken china or damaged computers.

Packing Your Home Office Into The Back Seat Of Your Car

For many people, the information on their computer or the files in their filing cabinets is vital. This is especially true for people that operate their own business from home. Packing your office files and computer into your vehicle is better than allowing a moving company to do it for you. By doing so, you cut the risk of losing the information that you depend on for making a living. Moving your office in your car also helps you to have your computer and work station set up faster in your new home as well.

Moving Your Great Grandmother's China

Moving fragile property like fine china can be stressing, especially if your fragile property is expensive or holds sentimental value that makes it irreplaceable. Carefully packing these kinds of property in a lot of cushioned bubble wrap may do the job, but the safest way to move the fragile property you have packed is in your own vehicle. If you have a small compact car, consider renting a small covered trailer for additional cargo space.

Packing Up Tiny, Expensive Items Like Jewelry

Some of your property, like jewelry, can be worn during your move. However, if you have enough jewelry that would make it difficult to wear all of it at once, packing it into small boxes, then placing the small boxes into bigger ones, is best. Keeping jewelry separated during a move prevents gold chains from becoming entangled and knotted and prevents earrings from becoming separated from their matches and their backs as well. Remember to place rings on a wooden dowel before packing them for keeping them together in one place. Moving expensive, tiny property in your car is a great way to prevent it from being lost.

Planning ahead for your next move can be the best way to prevent stress and costly, unnecessary expenses. Choosing a moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc that you can will also help you avoid a bad move that includes damaged property and late arrivals to your new home. Being able to enjoy the first few nights in your new home is easier when you can move in a smooth, pressure-free manner.