Six Cool And Unexpected Ways To Use Vinyl Tarps

6 February 2015
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You probably have at least a couple vinyl tarps hanging around in your garage or basement, and there are numerous ways to use these versatile items around the home, yard, or garden. Think of some of the less-conventional ways to utilize the simple tarp, and it may inspire you to stock up on various sizes and styles to stash away. Consider these six cool ways to use your tarp:

A hammock.

Tarps are ideal for making weather-resistant hammocks that don't get wet or faded in the natural elements. Use nylon rope and the grommets along the side of the tarp to suspend it from trees, railings, or wherever you want a bright spot to lounge in the sun.

A tee-pee.

It is no surprise that a tarp can make a great fort for kids that want to play in the yard, but what about creating a comfy tee-pee? Simply create the basic frame using branches, boards, or sticks, and then wrap the tarp around to form your tee-pee.

A paint studio.

When kids are bored and want to get messy, spread a tarp out on the ground, and secure the corners with tent-stakes to keep it in place. Give kids brushes and water-based paints, and let them create big, beautiful paintings. When they are done creating, use a garden hose to rinse off the tarp for the next time you want to use it.

A water slide.

Many have discovered that tarps make an excellent variation on a water-slide. Stake the corners in the ground, and provide water with a hose or garden sprinkler to create your slide. Kids and adults will enjoy running up and sliding down the length of the tarp on hot and humid days.

A sandbox lid.

Tarps are perfect for lining a sandbox with, and if you measure correctly, you can fold the corners up and out of the sand to create a cover for the box when it is not in use. Leaving a box of sand outside without a lid or cover invites neighborhood animals and pets to come and relieve themselves. Fold the corners of the tarp up and over the sand, deterring animals that might be sniffing around.

An outdoor dinner table.

Create a cool spot near your picnic table or garden by spreading out a tarp and staking it firmly to the ground at the grommets. This becomes a water-proof place to sit and enjoy a picnic anytime.

It is natural to think of tarps as a protective cover for various elements of items around the home. There are, however, many other ways to use these inexpensive materials. For more information, contact a business such as Billboard Tarps.