Three Ways You Can Create A Custom Sign For Your Business

12 January 2015
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Custom signs are a fun way to advertise and they cost less than a thirty-second spot on the TV. If you have never given much thought to using unique signage to draw attention to your business, you should reconsider and revisit it. Three of the approaches are listed below.

Reusable, Weather-Resistant Signs

Vinyl banners with inserted grommets are not only reusable, but weather resistant too. There have been instances where a tornado has ripped through business parks and parking lots of car dealerships and retailers, and of all the things you see laying on the ground, still in one piece, are the vinyl sales banners. Half your building may be gone, but those banners are made to last!

Wood Sculptures As Signage

Where and when it is appropriate, wood sculptures make great custom signs. Often, you can use these to advertise lodging or lodges, amusement parks, and other key tourist attractions. They create interest in passers-by who want to turn around and take a second look just at the sign, even if they do not stay or stop to buy anything. Although some wooden sculptures and signs may need the occasional repainting, if you use a water sealant on them, they hold up for a very long time.

Laser Writing in the Sky

Want to blow your customers away? One sure-fire custom sign uses lasers to write messages in the night sky. The same message can be written again and again so that people can read it and read any part of it that they might have missed the first time they spotted it in the air. It is a highly technical and expensive way to get people's attention, but it is also attention-grabbing and viewers have to hang around long enough to see the whole message as it plays out. That could equal some sales for you, since some people will browse while others will watch the laser writer do its thing.

Consult with More Than One Signage Business

You may not be able to find all of these very unique sign types in one location. Ergo, you will probably have to consult more than one sign company just to find what you are looking for. Sky laser companies, for example, are able to create your very own custom sky laser which you can purchase and reuse as often as you want. You will not find custom lasers with a sign company that produces vinyl banners and more traditional signage. As for wooden sculptures as signs, you might have the best luck consulting with wood carvers, sculptors and artists, although you could probably get signs that look like wood from a traditional sign company. Talk to a professional like Davis Sign Co for more information.