Tips For Storing Your Vehicle Long Term

11 December 2014
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Whether you want to store that prized antique classic car or you just need to store an everyday vehicle for an extended period of time, a storage unit is a good option. Maybe you are going to travel abroad for a while, but don't want to get rid of your car. Or maybe you have a child that has gone across the country for college or one that has traveled across the world for the army and you are left with their car taking up space in your garage. Renting a storage space will keep the vehicle safe and protected from the elements and is a good option if you don't have the space to leave it parked. Continue reading to learn how you can best prepare your vehicle for long term storage.

  • Documentation: Make sure that you have all of the paperwork with the car. You want to keep the insurance policy, the registration, the manuals, and anything that goes with the car with it in storage so that you know just where to find it if you need it in the future. This is especially helpful if the owner of the car isn't local for the time being.
  • Oil: Be sure that you have fresh oil and a new oil filter in your vehicle when you are storing it for a period of time. You may want to change the brake and transmission fluids as well if you won't be getting the car out of storage for over a year.
  • Exterior: Give your car a good cleaning before you put it in storage so that the dirt doesn't leave a film or stain the car. Close up all of the windows and doors tightly. Place steel wool in the exhaust and close up the air intake with a garbage bag so that nothing can get into your vehicle while it is in storage. Make yourself a note to remove these items when you come back for the car.
  • Interior: Make sure the interior is completely clean or you could come back to unpleasant odors.
  • Tires: You should park your car and place it on jack stands in the storage building so you don't have to worry about flat spots on your tires from it sitting in one place.
  • Battery: Store your vehicle with a full battery, but disconnect the cables. If you leave the battery connected, it will slowly drain and may not start when you come back to get your vehicle out of storage.

These tips will help ensure that your vehicle is protected and stays in great shape while it is in storage. For more information, contact a company like Ten Mile Storage and Cloverdale Storage.